Cup stacking gains popularity as amateur sport in U.S.

by Radyo La Verdad | August 8, 2017 (Tuesday) | 1405

At a sport stacking championship that concluded on July 29 in Novi, Michigan, stackers from across the world showed their skills with a handful of plastic cups – stacking and un-stacking them in specific order as quickly as possible.

Born in China’s Guangdong province and raised in the U.S., 21-year old student  Wu Zhewei is known as one of America’s fastest stackers.

The sports now has a variety of game methods. Stackers can participate in different games, such as relay stacking, a sort of team race, and singles and doubles–two people, each using one hand. However, though started in California in the 1980s, it wasn’t until stacking morphed from a hobby into a sport that it really took off around the world.

It’s not by coincidence that stacking is now part of the amateur junior olympics right alongside other more traditional sports; and the sport is also welcomed by people from all age groups.


(Abi Valdez / UNTV Correspondent)



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