Serbisyong Pulis

Thursday at 3:30 to 4:00 PM

Serbisyong Pulis: Serbisyong Makatotohanan is a PNP radio program targets mass-based audience and utilizes the mass media to conduct massive public information campaigns through crime prevention; crime solution and public safety. It aims to raise the awareness of the public on the services being provided by the PNP to the public.

The radio program co-produced by the PNP and Radio La Verdad 1350, tackles the pressing issues affecting the organization. Also highlighted in the radio program are the accomplishments of the PNP especially its field units and offices which serve as the cutting edge of the organization.


Balitang Pulis – news items about the accomplishments of Philippine National Police or the latest issues in the organization

Hero Cops/Bayaning Pulis – features the extraordinary, gallantry and heroic deeds of PNP personnel

Text Messages/I-Report Mo Kay Tsip – reading text messages from concerned citizens through PNP text line 0917 847 5757

Payo Ni Tsip- safety tips brought to us by police community relations group on how to avoid being victimized by criminals

Modus Operandi- latest scams and modus operandi of criminals