Ito Ang Balita

Monday - Friday at 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Daniel Razon, ,

Ito ang Balita, the evening one-hour newscast of UNTV, covers and reports the headline-grabbing issues and subjects in the country, stripped off of the usual fare of tabloid media TV.

To be true to its promise in delivering bold, fearless and intelligent alternative, Ito ang Balita makes sure its local and international pool of correspondents uphold and internalize the highest ideals of journalistic practice and ethics — that journalism work is public service.

As an advocate of doing good deeds that will benefit people even for just a day, UNTV CEO Daniel Razon surprised the whole media landscape when he introduced his unconventional advocacy in news reporting Tulong Muna Bago Balita (Assist Before Reporting).

Out of its present reportorial composition, UNTV established a news-and-rescue mission team to assist in delivering rescue in emergency situations. The advocacy reinvents the old way of thinking and practice of media coverage that is only confined to exclusive-hungry reporting to be called competitive, even to the point of sacrificing the welfare of people in need of help.

To beef up the operation of this new and bolder news approach, Daniel Razon launched early in 2011 a news-and-rescue command center, an office UNTV dedicates to receiving and responding to calls for emergency.