UNTV Action Center – People’s Day

by admin | March 16, 2012 (Friday) | 1522

A couple of years back, UNTV — a media network — started Clinic ni Kuya (Big Brother’s Clinic).

For the first time in Philippine broadcast history, people lined up outside a television station not to seek a few minutes of fame on a game show, but daily, free medical, dental, and legal attention and care.

Clinic ni Kuya would later on spread across the country and continue to offer its free checkups and medicines to more people. That is, alongside medical mission programs the Public Service Channel conducted in far-flung provinces through its Mobile Clinic.

UNTV also has an Action Center to handle people’s medical, legal, and even lost-family-member concerns. Apart from its hotline numbers, UNTV Action Center put up a Facebook page in January 2014. (In the Philippines, some service providers offer free Facebook on prepaid mobile phones.)

Now, UNTV aims to give not only more services, but bring them closer to the masses.